Verifying a funding source - Server Side


I’ve been following the “Transfer money between users” guide to integrate a P2P transfer functionality in my android application. So far, I’ve been able to add a verified/unverified customer and add an unverified funding source.

My next goal is to be able to add a verified funding source and the documentation mentions,

" Then, you’ll pass this single-use IAV token to the client-side of your application where it will be used in the JavaScript function dwolla.iav.start . This token will be used to authenticate the request asking Dwolla to render the IAV flow. Before calling this function you’ll want to include dwolla.js in the HEAD of your page."

Only issue is my client-side will not be able to do this because, as I mentioned above, my application is a Java/Android application. Therefore, I was wondering if there’s a way to verify a funding source entirely on server-side. Or if there’s any other way to make this work.

Please let me know if additional information is needed from my end.


Hi @nparajul – You should be able t use IAV with your Java/Android app as well inside of a WebView. At the moment there is no way to do it entirely through a backend server.

There’s other ways you can verify a funding-source too.
One of them is adding a funding-source using the API and verifying it using microdeposits. You can find a guide in our docs here -

You can also verify banks using Plaid. We have a tokenized integration with Plaid that allows you to seamlessly add a verified funding-source to a Customer account. You can find more info here -

Hope that helps! Let me know if you come across any questions!