Webhook endpoint not called

I have a webhook subscription in the sandbox, id is “ad897fbb-7b36-460b-9c86-0657bfec5204”.

My endpoint is not receiving requests, although I see in the dashboard and using the API that the subscription is not paused, that there are a number of webhook events, all pending with multiple retries. Neither the dashboard nor the API provide any details about the response, so I can’t tell what’s wrong. My logs and debugging do not show any requests received.

I have created my own curl command that I think simulates the POST request should be performing, using the request details retrieved for the webhook with id “4abbdbff-6939-47f7-8d3e-d67fd4e964a9”, and that request is received by my endpoint.

I also recreated the POST request at reqbin.com and that is also received by my endpoint.

I’ll happily provide the curl command and/or reqbin details upon request.

Hi @gfb107, thanks for posting and providing this information. After taking a look at our logs the error message we are seeing is related to an invalid certificate. Your webhook endpoint should only be accessible over TLS (HTTPS) and your server should have a valid certificate. This can be checked at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html.

Thanks, that was what I needed to know.