Webhook event is showing failed


I had implemented a webhook this morning and since I have had two that have failed. I fixed the issue and when I retry them, the logs show success but the request in general continues to show failed.

Since I had fixed the issue, Dwolla is still automatically retrying even though I see the dwolla logs are showing success.

ID 1: e10e6e2c-8ac3-414d-b96f-cd4b58b3eb9b
ID 2: 2f8782c1-15d8-45f5-bd1e-0cfa0d111dc1

Hi @Brennan_Batalla , Unfortunately once a webhook request has been placed on the queue to be retried, we won’t remove it from that queue if you’ve successfully acknowledged a previous request in the meantime. You’d want to make sure your webhook handler is setup for idempotent processing of webhook events.