Can I know how many times will new account take to verify?

When I create a new account for customers in Dwolla using production mode. Then How many times will it take to verify?
Same for when I will add funding sources in particular accounts. Then how many times will it take to verify in production mode?

And Is there any way to know how to check the status of account and status of funding source ?

When funding sources will verify that time how many details will it need to verify?

Please reply as soon as possible.

Hi @Megha_Kmphasis

We have just the right guide for creating a Verified Customer account and getting them verified - Customer Verification Statuses | Dwolla API Documentation

To summarize,

  • once a Verified customer is created, they might fall into verified or retry.
  • If they fall into retry status, they would have to submit their information again along with the full SSN number.
  • After this is submitted, if the information still isn’t sufficient to verify them, they will fall into document status.
  • At this point, they will have to upload a document to verify their identity.

Verifying a funding-source can be done in multiple ways. Please check out our comprehensive article on all of the ways you can add and verify a funding-source and let us know if you have any specific questions regarding each!- Bank Funding Source | Dwolla API Documentation

You can check the status of a resource by making a GET call to the resource via the API