EIN Document verification

on average, how long does it take for Dwolla to verify an EIN document?

Hi @Court_Olympia, Business documents such as an EIN Letter (IRS-issued SS4 confirmation letter) can take up to 2 business days for review. A majority that are reviewed happen within a business day.

Thank you for getting back. Just 1 more question. If someone pays us would our business name appear on their banking statement? We want to make sure that no personal name will appear. Thank you

Yes, it will display what you input as your registered business name when you signed up for a Dwolla account, or if you have a preferred name set then it’ll display that.

Okay, So my name as the customer will not appear on anyones statement, only Court and olympia LLC?

Customization of the bank line can be configured for an integration with the Dwolla API to have it read the sending parties name on the bank line for the recipient and vice versa. However, by default, it will read the registered business name of the account the owns the application that’s integrated with the Dwolla API. It looks like you may be an end-user of TCPayments, so it would be what they have customized with Dwolla in terms of their integration with our APIs.