How do I get the customer_id for the master account?

I am working with some legacy code that apparently uses /customers/{ID} as the destination for a transfer. I understand how to get the customer_id for users, but I need it for the master account so I can transfer from a user dwolla balance to the master account dwolla balance.

Hi @Chris_Williams – you can call the root endpoint to get the Master Account’s unique ID - API Reference | Root

However, we do not recommend using the Account ID as the source/destination in transfer requests. Please use the appropriate Bank ID or Balance ID for transfer requests to ensure that the transfer is sourced from or routed to the exact funding-source. We recommend the same for transfers to/from Customers as well.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Poking around the data in the console window of the browser on the sandbox account page will reveal the Id as well. Shreya’s answer is the obviously preferred solution, but I did come across it by chance just poking around a bit there.

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