How many retry attempts before a customer is placed in document/suspended status

Hello, I just wanted to clarify something in the documentation:

If the verified Customer has a status of retry , some information may have been miskeyed. You have one more opportunity to correct any mistakes using this endpoint. This time, you’ll need to provide the Customer’s full SSN. If the additional attempt fails, the resulting status will be either document or suspended .

This is a bit unclear to me - if a customer is initially placed in retry status, how many attempts do we have to resolve? Is the ‘additional attempt’ one single update attempt following the customer creation, or an update attempt following this attempt?


Hii @dtj – I can help clarify!

This would be one single attempt following the customer creation.

Once a Customer is created, they either fall into verified or retry status depending on whether the information entered was sufficient enough to verify them or not. Once in retry, they have one attempt to retry submitting their information. If that fails, they’re placed into document status.

Hope that helps!

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