Sandbox Document Upload Testing on iPhones

We have never been able to get the Document upload simulation working on iPhones. Our developers feel that iPhone change the name and size of the image. Has anyone ever been able to get this working?

Hi @jlansden – you might be able to retain the filename and the size when AirDrop-ing the sample image from a Mac to an iPhone, but I’m not sure.

If nothing works, feel free to post the Customer IDs here in the chat, and I can manually verify/fail the verification docs for you!

hi Shreya,

I have tried that too. We have turned off iPhones optimization which saves images in HEIC format, that also didn’t work. I moved the image to my iPhone files and the name and size are the same. The only difference that might be is iPhone says it is a PNG (image) in capitals but it’s not clear if the image is actually saved that way.

I was curious if others have this issue too.

As for testing, how can we provide you users IDs. Can we send it in our Slack channel or here when we are ready to test it out??


Ah yeah, I’m sure there may be others that have run into the same issue.

As for the the Customer IDs, Slack is definitely the quickest way to get ahold of me, or my teammates. But posting them here works too!

Hi Shreya,

One more thing, we tested in production with an iPhone, since every iPhone defaults to HEIC images on their camera it seems they are always rejected for being blurry. When we turn off HEIC the image is then accepted. We think it is almost impossible to expect iPhone users to turn off HEIC on their phone before taking a picture. Do you know if the document vendor going to accept HEIC in the future or do we need to figure out if we can convert the image before sending it to the API?

Hi Jennifer,

I’m afraid supporting .HEIC files does not look to be in the roadmap. Depending on the document type, you’d have to convert the file from .HEIC to .jpg , .jpeg , .png , or .pdf before uploading.