Update customer details

  1. Which keys can be modified in personal verified customer
  2. Which keys can be modified in business verified customer

Hi, @Preeti_gupta,

All of the fields that can be updated per customer type are listed on this page. The tables will show which fields can be updated if they are receive-only/unverified and business or personal verified, as well as the additional fields that can be updated for just business verified customers.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Thanks for reply.
I have tried to change firstname and lastname of verified personal customer but I got message that first name and last name cant be change

Hey there! That’s correct. Referencing the table attached in my previous message, firstName and lastName can only be edited when the customer is either receive-only or unverified. If they are verified (either business or personal), those fields are no longer editable via the API.

Hi James
Thanks for your replying. Need to know why we dont have customer update option in Dwolla dashboard. So , I can update my customer details from there only and not getting documentation about for which type of customer which fields only can update.
Please help me in this. Its very urgent.

In business verified customer update also , cant be edit dob and other fields.
Could you please provide the list of update fields of particular customer type. and again my same question why we dont have option in dwolla dashboard for update customer

Hi @Preeti_gupta , Dwolla is an API-first payments company that enables businesses to build custom experiences via our white labeled API. The interaction between your end-users as it relates to their user account should occur within your UI. Details relating to your end-user’s accounts should be done via your web or mobile application by the end-user themselves, and the exchange of that data should occur between your application and Dwolla by calling off to our APIs. This is the primary reason why the Dwolla dashboard contains limited capabilities when it comes to manipulating data on an end user account.

For business Verified Customers, full Customer account details can only be updated when the account has a status of retry. When the business Verified Customer has a status of verified, limited details can be updated via the API, as referenced in this post.

Thanks for reply. That document you gave, its again not clear for update fields
I am considering this document.
Please tell me , is it fine?

Hi Preeti, yeah, that’s fine! The doc you linked is accurate for fields that you can update for Customers that are already verified.

For Customers that are in retry status, you will need to submit all of the information that was required in the initial creation step.