IAV error - IAV navigated to an unexpected page and was cancelled

We’re seeing an increase in users reporting encountering this error when using the IAV. This is on a mature production app where the overwhelming majority of users do not encounter this error and are able to complete bank account linking via IAV.

Since these occurrences are reported by end users I don’t have console logs or more detailed information.

What would cause this to occur intermittently and how can users work around it?

Hi @Josh_Warren – this seems to align with the site maintenance that our Third Party Bank Verification Provider was running over the weekend between the following times -

Start Date and Time: 2021-02-27 22:00:00 PST
End Date and Time: 2021-02-28 04:00:00 PST

If you could confirm whether the timeframe seems to align with when your Customers were running into the above error, that’d be great information for us. If not, let us know and we can dig deeper into the Customers requests.

I’d like to apologize on behalf of our provider for the inconvenience. As for working around this type of an error message, I’m afraid waiting for a certain period and trying again would be the best solution. However, if the User would like to proceed with microdeposits verification, then that’s a viable option as well!

Apologies for the delayed response.

Users have experienced this issue outside of that window, so that doesn’t appear to be the cause. There were reported incidents at least a few weeks prior to that maintenance window.

Additionally, this issue has persisted over at least a period of a few days for certain users. They’ve tried multiple bank accounts with different banking institutions, so it’s not limited to one bank.

Any other ideas as to what the cause might be would be appreciated.

Hi @Josh_Warren – no worries!

Would you be able to share a few Customer IDs of the users that have reported facing the issues? I can take a closer look into each and see what errors they are running into.

Sure, here are two:


Hi Josh!

I’m afraid those aren’t Dwolla Customer IDs. Would you be able to look up the Dwolla ID related to those Customers?


Yep those are internal IDs, seemed a bit short.

Here you go:

@shreya Any update on this?

Hi @Josh_Warren , Unfortunately this is a generic communication error between the user’s browser and the iframe that’s being loaded. I’m not seeing too much information in our logs for bank connection attempts which means the Bank search page is likely not getting to the point of loading for the user. We’d likely need to know the user_agent (browser and version) as well as logs from the browsers console in order to debug this further. Timestamps would be helpful as well to see if we can correlate these attempts to issues relating to www.dwolla.com.