Issue with Connecting Bank Account

Hello All, I am creating an app and everything is working until I get to the point where I use the credentials to login to bank. After message Connection successful, the next screen just stays stuck as if it’s trying to execute action. I can see that the user account is created in App Data, however it doesn’t appear to actually make a connection with bank as that section is empty. I provided screenshots.

Account2 Account3

Hi @asvonfran – is this on Plaid’s end? If so, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be of much help there. You’d have to reach out to Plaid to inquire about the issue.

Hi Shreya, thanks for your reply. Plaid is showing connection successful per the first screenshot.

The next step in the workflow is Dwolla, the second screenshot. Am I missing something in the workflow?

Ah gotcha! I’d recommend checking out our guide on Dwolla+Plaid Integration to learn about the next steps after authenticating a bank account via Plaid. If you come across any questions, let me know!