KYC "Retry" requirements

When we are onboarding a new user who fails Dwolla’s initial KYC and then goes into “Retry” status, does Dwolla maintain the data we initially collected and passed over for the user’s KYC? Alternatively, do we need to re-collect all user data from scratch in retry, with the primary difference in what we pass to Dwolla being a full 9-digit SSN now instead of just the last 4-digits?

For context, we’re trying to determine whether we simply need to add functionality for JUST collecting a full 9-digit SSN at this stage for ‘Retry’, or if we should create a modified version of our initial data intake for ‘Retry’ where the SSN requirements increase from last 4-digits to full 9-digits.

Thank you!

Hi @eliottbond – we do require the user’s full information to be passed on a retry attempt including the full 9 digits of their SSN. This is so the user can have a chance to correct any information they may have miskeyed causing their information to not be verifiable in the first attempt.

Let us know if you have any questions! Feel free to check out our guides on onboarding Business and Personal verified customers if you haven’t already! :slight_smile: