Retry in a component

We are using dwolla-personal-vcr and dwolla-business-vcr components for customer creation. If the status comes back as ‘retry’, and the end user leaves the page and tires again with the same email address they get an ‘email is already in use’ error.

How do we handle the retry status via drop in component if the end user leaves or refreshes the page from the initial attempt?

Jk. Looks like the update component does the trick. This might be helpful to note in the customer status handling documentation.

Thanks @Isaiah_Baca! Noted: we will be revisiting the drop-ins article to add this additional information.

Another option would be to use the same <dwolla-business-vcr> or <dwolla-personal-vcr> to handle the retry flow by passing it the customerId like so:

<dwolla-business-vcr customerId={{customer-id}} />
<dwolla-personal-vcr customerId={{customer-id}} />

Thank you. Is there a proffered method?

I’d recommend using the second method, just so you don’t have to keep track of another drop-in component and any updates made to it.