Type of customer for my special Account Admin

I am an employee of a company that develops an application for a client.
You provide our client with a special account [admin@brandexpand.us] with unlimited one-time payment transaction.
I have a question. What type of customers do we need to provide to make these unlimited transactions: unverified customers or verified customers?

Hi @Kate_V , Can you provide a little more context around “unlimited one-time payment transactions”?

Our customer has an account that provides to make more than 10000 $ upon one transaction. Dwolla provided him this oportunity.

Hi @Kate_V – with the Pay-As-You-Go pricing plan, the only Customer that is able to send transfers of up to $10,000 per transaction are Business Verified Customers. If you’d like to explore increasing that limit for other types of Customers (Unverified and Personal Verified), you can reach out to our Sales team and learn about the Scale pricing plan where customer transactions limits are available.