Update a receive-only customer to a personal customer

How do i upgrade the receive-only customers to personal customers?

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Hi @Tejas_Vadgama , This upgrade path is blocked by default as it requires additional requirements and sign-off from a legal/compliance standpoint. You would need to first be approved to create personal Customers which would be done through the application submission process in the Dwolla Dashboard.

Once approved, we’d want to see that the end-user/Customer is agreeing to the Dwolla TOS and Privacy Policy in the upgrade process within your application’s UI. (More information can be found in the integration guide within the Dwolla Dashboard)

After the agreeing to the TOS and PP, you’d simply call the Dwolla API by making a POST to /customers/{id} with the fields required to create the customer type of your choosing.

Note: this is behind an account setting and would need to be enabled on your account for testing. Let us know if you would like us to enable this setting to test.

Hey, @spencer could you please enable the setting for me to test it in sandbox.

Enabled @Ankit , Keep in mind that the Customer must be upgraded to an Unverified Customer first. Also, note the legal requirement outlined above.

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