Update verified profile

can a verified customer be in retry/document status after updating its address?

Hi @ajay.netset , In this scenario are you assuming that the Verified Customer has a verified status prior to updated their address/contact information?

Yes @spencer, I am updating the contact/address information of a verified customer.

Hi @ajay.netset – Once a Customer’s identity has been verified, updating the address won’t trigger the retry/document flow. Dwolla will have to manually place them into those statuses upon request.

Including the address, you can always update these information of a Personal Verified Customer at any time in the future,

  • email
  • ipAddress
  • address1
  • address2
  • city
  • state
  • postalCode
  • phone

In addition to the above, a Business Verified Customer can also update these fields,

  • doingBusinessAs
  • website

Hi Shreya,

I have a webhook activated on my application. I am not receiving webhook updates.

I have deleted previous webhook and made a new subscription again. But still it’s not working.


Hi @ajay.netset – would you be able to share your new webhook subscription ID?

Here is subscription id of webhook.




it is working now.



Sweet, thanks for the update! Let us know if you run any questions!